Ransal is a joint venture between the world’s largest lifestyle accessories business;
Randa and Salco - One of Australia’s oldest and strongest apparel brand houses.

Ransal is the Randa Accessories affiliate in Australia. Established in 2002, Ransal provides market leading lifestyle accessories to leading department stores, and branded partners. Utilising the most comprehensive global network of design, sourcing, development, QC, QA, and domestic infrastructure, Ransal is a proud leader in sourcing ethically from our vast network of international vendors.


Randa accessories is the world’s largest men’s accessory company. Randa produces men’s belts, small leather goods, neckwear, luggage, casual bags, jewelry and seasonal accessories, including but not limited to; footwear, hats, gloves and gifts.
Randa brings all of these to market through various channels of distribution, worldwide.

More than the world’s largest men’s accessories company, Randa uses its scale and expertise to create and expand powerful brands, exceptional products and extraordinary shopping experiences.


With a heritage of quality global brands, Salco has moved from shirt manufacturer, to importer, to brand portfolio manager throughout four generations and has had an uncompromised reputation for being leaders in the market. Salco's commitment to its customers and its ability to adapt to the moods and styles of an ever-changing industry has ensured the longevity of the company.

In recent years, a joint-venture with Randa has seen the evolution and growth of Ransal, the accessories arm of the group, and a market leader in that space.

Currently Salco Group manages a number of premium brands in the Australian Market, including Abelard, GANT, Simon Carter and Jeff Banks.